When adding a new staff member to the System Users list (found under System Settings), you may be presented with the error message “Duplicate email was identified. Please enter a different email.”

This means that the email address you have entered has been previously used in Consent2Go. This could be for a range of reasons, including:

  • They are already active in Consent2Go; please double check your system users list.
  • The staff member was formerly at a different school that used Consent2Go, and their email address has not changed since then.
  • They are a former student and the email address entered is the same as their previous student email.
  • There is a test student with their email account as the students' email.
  • Their account was created in Consent2Go previously, but it has since been deleted/disabled.

If you find yourself unable to add a staff member due to these reasons, and you have confirmed that they are not in your System users list or student list please contact the Consent2Go Support Team for further assistance.