Request a Password Reset from a System Administrator

If you have requested a System administrator or a Support Technician from Consent2Go to reset your password, these are the steps you should follow once they have reset your password:

1.  You will receive an email from ‘’ with the subject line “Consent2Go your temporary password”. This is an introductory email to Consent2Go, informing you of your username (usually your email address), and a temporary password.

  1. If you cannot see this email, please refresh your inbox and check your junk folder.
  2. If you did not receive the email:
    •  Please confirm with your school's designated Consent2Go administrator to confirm you have been sent the email.
    • If they had sent the email, add as a contact in your emails and resend the password reset again

2.  Once you have received the link, click the link in the email, or go to

3.  In the field labelled Email, enter your email address, or the username provided. Click Next.

4.  In the field labelled Password, enter the temporary password exactly as listed in your introductory email, including any symbols at the end of the password. Click Sign In.

5.  A new pop-up will now appear titled Change Password. Enter a password of your choice that you will remember in the future to access Consent2Go. Click Change.

6.  As a final step, you will be asked to verify your account before use; a Verify Contact pop-up will show. Select Email then click Verify.

7.  Refresh your email inbox to receive the verification email, the subject line will read “Consent2Go Username verification code”. This email will contain a six-digit verification code needed to access your account.

8.  On the Consent2Go webpage, enter the verification code in the field labelled Code. Click "Submit”. You should automatically be redirected to the Consent2Go homepage of your school.

If you encounter an error at any of these steps, confirm you have entered all details in correctly and try the process again. If you are still having issues, please contact the Consent2Go Support Team ( for further assistance.