Within this document you will be guided on how to:

  • Create a Team
  • Add Staff and Students

Create a Team

On the left-hand side menu, select Teams

Once you are in the Teams List, you should be able to select "Add New Team"

This will prompt for the Team Settings to be put in place. To create an Active Team, you need to fill in these sections:

If you leave Year groups blank, this will allow all year groups to select this option for preferences, you can select for specific year levels if you only wish to have the specific year levels to choose.

The "Available for Selection" button is used for Preferences, to set up Preferences please follow this link here.

Once done, the team settings should look something like this:

Ensure you hit Save at the bottom to complete this process.

If you have missed any information when setting this up, please select the pencil here: which will take you back to the "Add Team" phase

Adding Staff and Students

Once you have set up your Team, you can start adding the students.

Select the Name of the Team:

This will open up the option to assign staff members and Players.

If you would like staff members to view this team within the Consent2Go Staff App, you can Assign them by selecting "Assign New Staff Members to the Team" and drag and drop their name into from the left column into the Right Column:

Ensure you hit save at the bottom once complete.

Then, Select "Assign New Players to Team" which will allow you to select the specific year groups and students, which will allow you to click on the specific students required:

Ensure you select save at the bottom.

If you have a long list of students, you can import from Unique ID/Curriculum ID:

All that is required is a list of the Unique ID's, pressing enter to space the ID's out, as shown below:

When selecting the import button on the top right of the first column shown here:

This will allow for the import to show which numbers have been successful (OK) or not (FAILED)

Once Saved, you will be able to use the team for Events, Fixtures, Preference selectors, etc.