Within this article, you will find:

  • What is a Student Group Preference Selector
  • How to Set up a preference selector
    • Creating a Student Group
    • Available for Selection
    • Sending Preference Selector to Students/Parents
  • Request Inbox
    • Reviewing Responses
    • Accepting Answers
    • Reviewing Invites

What is a Student Group Preference Selector?

Preference selector allows for students or Parents/Guardians to select options for the student to do within the school. For example, The school has 5 different Extracurricular classes for the Year 12's, including the Robotics Club, the Debate Team, the Writers Club, etc.

The Preference selector provides the option for the Student and/or Parent/Guardian to be able to choose what preferences they would rather within Consent2Go. This will then prompt the staff to approve the options chosen.

This Preference selector provides an easier way for selections to be provided before creating the Student Groups, as well as before creating events, etc.

Setting up a Preference Selector

Creating a Student Group

On the left-hand side menu, select Student Group

Once you are in the Student Group List, you should be able to select "Add New Student Group"

This will prompt for the Student Group Settings to show up. To create an active Student Group that is able to be a part of the Preference Selector, you need to fill in these sections:

Please ensure "Active" and "Available for Selection" are ticked, as these two ticks turned off will not allow for the next steps regarding the Preference selector.

For each option you would like to have, you will need to create a student group, like so:

Please do Not add any students within these groups just yet as this stops those students from answering all options within the Preference selector.

Sending Preference Selector to Students/parents

Once all the Student groups have been created, Marked as Active and Available for selection, navigate into the Students tab, where you will select the students to send this to.

Filter by the students you would like to send this to, then select Tools -> Send Invitation to Register for Student Groups:

Then select if you would like to send to the Student, Parent/Guardian, or both the Student and Parent/Guardian.

Please note, if sent to both the Parent/Guardians and Students, once out of the family selects the options, the link for the other will be invalid. For example, if the student chooses the options first, the parent/guardians will not be able to review the link:

This is what the Parent/Guardians and Students will see when selecting options:

The Percentage shows how many students have already been allocated a spot, which can be limited within the edit section under "Max Students" within the edit screen of the Student Group

Please take note, this view can be changed by the Consent2Go's Customer Support Team to allow for the student to choose more than 3 options, or choose only 3. The other screen will look like this:

Request Inbox

Reviewing Responses

Once the invitations have been sent for the preference selector, navigate to the Request Inbox and Choose "Student Groups" which will show the Responses and Invites:

The responses show what Student Groups have been selected for the Student, and the invites show who has not answered as of yet.

Accepting Answers

To accept the specific Student Groups the students have chosen, Navigate to the Actions button and select "Approve" to choose which Student Group the student can be on:

If the student should not be within the specific Student Groups chosen, "Remove" can be selected. This will not send through an email to the Student or Parent/Guardians if declined.

When approving, you can select the specific group to choose from:

If the student has permission to be added to all groups, you will have to do this manually.

Once approved the invites, the student will show up within the allocated Student Groups. For example, the test Student was selected for The Yearbook Committee. Once a response was accepted, the student was added here automatically:

Reviewing Invites

The invites section enables staff to resend registration links:

 messages to those who have not responded:

Approve and Decline the link options which removes the invite:

Remove all Pending requests:

Allow Students to register again:

As well as sending Test Invitations to staff by entering specific emails:

To view the Teams Preference Selector, please view this link: https://consent2go.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/61000300508-teams-preference-selector