1. Click on the Cogwheel in the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose System Settings
  3. Select Event Parameters. (This allows you to amend Activities and their associated Risks)

  4. Scroll down to the bottom which will show you Event Approvals
  5. Choose the specific Approval you would like to modify by clicking on the Approval Name drop-down

  6. Click the Edit tool for your specific event type (Incursion, Excursion, Intrastate, Interstate, International)
  7. A pop-up will appear for you to amend Name, Title, Email of Approvers. 
    NOTE: Complete prompt according to school policy. All 5 do not need to be filled. If you have various Head of Departments, only fill in Title. The organizer can then enter the specific HOD they require.
  8. Click Save.