1. Click Events on the left menu.

2. Click Planning on the desired event.


This information will appear on the invitation sent to parents/guardians.

  1. Click Yes or No in response to these questions.  Yes may dropdown further questions to be completed.


  1. Select the required payment method.
  2. Enter $ amount.
  3. If details are required, type in the text box.

Water-based Activities:

  1. Select the required swimming ability.
  2. Type any comments regarding activity and requirements in the text box.

Transport Provisions:

  1. Select if Parents/Guardians are allowed to provide transport. If yes, the parent will have the option to advise if the student is using school transport to and/or from the excursion.
  2. Complete times as required.

Excursion Reminder:

This will set a reminder to be automatically sent to those that have responded as 'Attending' the event. For example, they responded 4 months prior, this reminder is sent at the set period saying 'Student has excursion'.

  1. Click who is to be emailed a reminder.
  2. Select when the reminder is automatically sent.


  1. Click box labeled Budget Documents and select applicable documents.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Check Budget Complete when completed.