Within this article, you will learn how to:

1. Create a Question

2. Edit Permission Settings

3. Send Permissions to Parents

4. Remove a question within a Parents response 

5. Export Responses

Create a Question

To create a permission question, Navigate to the Permissions tab on the left-hand menu:

Click "Add New" pictured below:

This will give you the option to add in a question within the text field:

Once you are happy with the text, press Save. This will then show up within your list of active questions

If you cannot view the permissions tab, please see this article here.

Edit Permission Settings

To edit questions, select Actions -> Edit

Which will provide you with settings to modify including the Expiry Date, Year Groups Affected, Document upload allowed, etc.:

Once you have modified it, you can save the permission to enable the options.

If you are wanting to add a document within the Permission for Parents/Guardians to read, you can upload here:

Send Permissions to Parents

When the permissions are all ready to be sent, navigate into the students tab and filter by the year level/student group/etc. you would like this sent to. select Tools-> Request Permissions Update:

Please note, permissions can only be sent to either the whole year level or whole school. If you send a permission to half of a year level but not the other half and another staff member sends a permission to the whole year level, your active permission question will be sent to the remainder of the year level. If you mark permissions as inactive, this will stop the parents/guardians from answering entirely.

Remove a question within a Parents response

If a Parent/Guardian calls and they have responded incorrectly, you can remove the response by navigating into the Students tab, Editing the specific Student:

Navigate to Permissions and Remove:

Export Responses

Once you have sent the permissions and given parents enough time to respond, you can export the responses by Navigating back into the Permissions tab, selecting Actions and Export Responses for the specific question:

This will provide you with a spreadsheet of responses provided for you.

If you are wanting a full list of responses for all questions, you can export from the Students Tab:

This will give you two sheets, one showing the questions and their number, as well as the responses within the second sheet.