This article explains:

  • Creating a student Group
  • Adding students to the Student Group

Creating a Student Group

On the left-hand side menu, select Student Group

Once you are in the Student Group List, you should be able to select "Add New Student Group"

This will prompt for the Student Group Settings to show up. To create an active Student Group, you need to fill in these sections:

Please note, you will not need to select "Available for Selection" unless creating a preference selector, as shown here:

You must select Active to allow the Group to be live in the system. 

Add Students to a Student Group

Once you have your student group:

You can add students by clicking on the name of the group and selecting the students button:

If there are students within the group already, this button will be at the bottom of the list of selected students.

Once the students button is clicked, it will show a list of students on the left hand column to add to the right hand column:

If "Import from Student ID" is selected, this will allow for the student ID's to be imported within the right hand column.

The left hand column will allow for staff to enter unique ID's by Copying and pasting. This can be useful for SEQTA timetables. Once you have added the unique IDs, press import and select save

Once happy with the selection of students, select save and this will add the students into the student group. This will then allow for your new student group to be used within the system.